America Has No Guarantee of Freedom

by | Oct 30, 2020 | The Recent Modern Age, Current Politics

In a second term, the ballot box would no longer restrict Trump. So we can expect:

  • Expanded use of the Department of Justice (DoJ) against the President’s opponents, including members of Congress.
  • More use of force against protesters.
  • Federal tolerance of crime against the President’s opponents (e.g., Michigan’s governor).
  • Refusal of federal disaster funds and other resources for blue states.
  • Further suppression of information on Covid-19’s nationwide impact.
  • Prompt firing of senior officials and federal prosecutors who try to restrain the President.
  • White House orders blocking DoJ prosecution of the President’s allies.
  • More separation of children from immigrant parents.
  • Withdrawal of federal resources aimed at curbing White supremacists.
  • Federal support for attacks on the voting process, particularly in swing states, probably leading to “disqualification” of large numbers of ballots and voters in 2022 and 2024.

In other words, America would most likely follow Turkey, Poland, Hungary, and India, moving toward authoritarianism. Without a determined resistance — from people willing to risk jail and death — the U.S. would likely become a hybrid democracy, no longer free.

U.S. flag -- could it become symbol of authoritarianism?


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