Fantastic New Jericho River Review

My book, The Jericho River, just got a fantastic new review from William Brown of World History Encyclopedia. Here’s a sample:

World History Encyclopedia reviewI was thoroughly impressed by David Tollen’s The Jericho River, particularly because I primarily read non-fiction books. Even so, I was impressed by the fluid and smooth manner in which Tollen introduces the reader to a wide variety of cultures through time and space. Moreover, his ability to work comparisons of the respective cultures into the narrative is particularly valuable, as it illustrates both the uniqueness and similarities throughout cultures in world history. Undoubtedly, this book would be a great starting point for Social Studies educators looking to approach their curriculum in a way that does not begin with a textbook but instead with an engaging work of historical fiction. That is to say, I highly recommend The Jericho River by David Tollen for educators and students interested in an engaging presentation of history.

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