Here’s what I think progressives and moderates should do …


  • Get more involved in politics, not less. The country needs you now more than ever.

  • Support the new president, so long as he governs like the leader of a democracy, not as an authoritarian. None of us benefits from the president’s failure.
  • Reach out to threatened minority communities, particularly Muslims and Hispanics. Visit mosques, community centers, etc., and tell them you stand with them, value them, and won’t stand by quietly if they’re victimized.
  • Do not tolerate the basket of horribles. Don’t let the fact that Trump won (in the Electoral College, probably not the popular vote) legitimize the bigotry and hate of vast numbers of his supporters.
  • Try to understand the majority of Trump voters, who are not in the basket of horribles. Life in the 21st Century is threatening for millions of Americans, particularly working class white people, or they’d never have voted for Trump. Neither party has addressed their needs, and that must change.
  • Support the Democratic Party, donating time and money. The Democrats apparently gained in both the House and Senate in 2016. Prepare to retake both in 2018, and as many state governments as possible.
  • Monitor and defend civil rights and democratic institutions. Resist any attempt to discriminate on the basis of religion, including in immigration. Resist any attempt to prosecute Hillary Clinton, because in a democracy, the losing candidate doesn’t go to jail. Resist voter suppression, disguised as voter ID laws or in any other guise. March, protest, donate, and vote.
  • If the new president tries to rule as an authoritarian, work for his removal. Defend liberty and freedom. March, protest, donate, and vote.
  • But, again, give President Trump a chance. Hope that we can work with him as the loyal opposition, rather than as bitter enemies.

One thought on “Here’s what I think progressives and moderates should do …

  1. There is very little I can agree with in your blog. I support Trump. You do not. That is quit clear. If Trump reaches out to progressives, he will do so on his terms, not yours. If you put up resistance to his ideas, that is your problem not his. If you brand him “authoritarian” that is also your take. It should be abundantly clear that your brand of politics has lost at the voting booth. Many of us want change, not more words about change.

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