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Historical Mashup by Ivan Gataric — for The Jericho River

September 30, 2015

Here’s more great artwork for The Jericho River, A Novel About the History of Western Civilization . It’s a poster by Ivan Gataric.

The_Jericho_River -- smaller

The young woman is an Egyptian priestess (Tia from the book), and the sphinx is Mesopotamian (Zidu from the book). The ship is European, of course, from the 18th or 19th Century. And those are World War II fighter planes above a Sumerian ziggurat/temple.

You can see more artwork at my fiction site’s art page. And of course, you can find The Jericho River at Amazon and other retailers.

BTW, If you know anyone, young or old, who enjoys drawing historic or mythic images, please suggest that he/she contact me! I’m happy to add artwork to my fiction page and to this blog.




  • Poster created by Ivan Gataric, © 2015 by David W. Tollen

© 2015 by David W. Tollen. All rights reserved.

In the Hall of the Dead King

September 28, 2015

Here’s an adventure from The Jericho River, A Novel About the History of Western Civilization, Chapter 3: Death in Egypt. Read more…

Snow White May Have Begun as a Sexy Goddess

September 26, 2015

“Freyja and the Necklace,” by J. Doyle Penrose (1862-1932), c. 1913

In the myths of the Norse and other Germanic peoples, Freya is the beautiful goddess of sex, love, and fertility — and of war and death. She drives a chariot pulled by cats, treasures the pig as her sacred animal, and wears a powerful golden necklace called Brisingamen. According to one story, Brisingamen is the work of a troop of dwarves. While visiting the dwarves’ cave, Freya sees the beautiful necklace and begs to buy it. But the misshapen smiths already have plenty of treasure, so they demand a higher price. In exchange for the necklace, Freya stays in the cave until she’s slept with each dwarf. Read more…

Jericho River Poster, by Benjamin Roque

September 24, 2015

Several artists have created wonderful paintings and illustrations for my book, The Jericho River. Here’s a poster by Benjamin Roque.

JerichoRiverPosterHorizontalA_25x18'5_Flat_Edit -- reduced

Read more…

Beautiful New Cover for The Jericho River

September 20, 2015

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000035_00031]My book, The Jericho River, has a beautiful new cover. Romanian artist Andrei Bat has created an image that truly (finally) captures the book’s spirit.

The Jericho River is a novel that uses fantasy to teach the entire history of Western Civilization. It’s won multiple awards, including first place at the London Book Festival and the Next Generation Indie Book Awards. It’s a light, easy way to learn and a unique mind-game, as well as a story about family, adventure, and history. Read more…

Why We’re Cruel

September 1, 2015

I recently read a fascinating explanation for human conduct. We’re cruel because we made an unusually fast jump from mid-level predator to top predator, quite recently in evolutionary terms, and we’re still not secure in our position. Read more…

The U.K. Admits the American Revolutionaries Were Right

August 31, 2015

Did you know the United Kingdom essentially admitted that George Washington and the rest of the American Revolutionaries were right? And I don’t mean recently, like in an ambassador’s speech at a Fourth of July barbecue. It happened while veterans of the American Revolution still lived. Read more…


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